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Relatable pop artist GRAACE reflects on her own insecurities in “21st Century Love”


There’s been a wave of relatable pop artists coming through the industry as of late with the likes of L Devine, Elm and Baum coming out with stunning pieces of music and I think we can now add Aussie artist GRAACE to this list. Today she’s released her honest single 21st Century Love that is a personal reflection of her own insecurities and how they can ruin your life.

It’s the type of single I could easily see playing in any coming of age movie, heck it’d probably be perfect for the soundtrack of Booksmart. Lyrically there is always something a lot of people will find comfort in with GRAACE crooning honest lyrics like, “These insecurities are gonna ruin me, and I know this jealousy will ruin us.” Production wise the track is a home run with the cinematic synths creating this brooding atmosphere that puts the main focus of GRAACE’s ethereal vocal and makes you take full notice of the emotion behind the track. Dive into the track below!


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