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Holdan tells us not to beat ourselves up in his alternative pop single “Lost”


Florida born but now LA based artist Holdan only started releasing solo music in 2019 but before that he was actually the drummer in a variety of different punk bands. He eventually decided to go solo though and his brand of alternative pop caught the eye of the grammy winning producer Josh ‘Igloo’ Monory (Ludacris, Elton John etc.), so it’s no real surprise that his latest single Lost is a superb track.

“I get distracted and discouraged by a lot of things, and this song is about not beating yourself up because of it, because it’s a piece of the journey,” Holdan explains. “I guess you’ve got to go through that s**t to find the stuff that feels good, maybe you just have to be lost to find someone.”

The production of this track is insanely good with these trance like beats creating this ominous yet personal atmosphere with the inclusion of distorted vocal in the chorus adding some extra flair to the track. His smooth vocals soar throughout as if they’re effortlessly gliding over the production whilst he effortlessly croons the poignant lyrics. However a personal highlight for me is the personal nature of the speaking part of the track, there’s something so beautifully intimate about that moment that makes this piece come together with it feeling like he, as an artist, is fully opening up to you and I love that.


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