If you were a fan of Lily Allen back when she was releasing bangers like Smile and LDN then you’re going to want to listen to Germany based artists Miu’s latest single Easy. It’s hard not to end up smiling along to this track as you softly sing the addictive hook under your breath on the drive into work.

Production wise this track is absolutely superb, everything comes together to instantly give a retro soul vibe with a sublime brass section and lush guitar melodies present throughout.┬áMiu’s vocal has a beautiful tone that is very reminiscent of Amy Winehouse that soars over the retro soul styled production and even feature gang vocals towards the end that, even if you don’t know the lyrics, are impossible not to chant out-loud. It’s a soulful number that shows that the influence of classic labels like Motown are still going strong to this day.

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