I love those moments you have when you’re listening to a song for a first time and you end up being completely and utterly floored by the voice on the track. It rarely does happen but when I was listening to Monika Damaszko’s debut single Body Talk today I felt chills go down my spine and saw goosebumps appear all over my body.

“It’s like therapy for me because the lyrics remind me about my past experiences,” Monika Damaszko explains. “It’s something that I’m proud of and it’s a treasure that nobody is going to take away from me.”

It’s a sultry single with the production that features an array of glistening synths and alluring piano chords creating a sensual atmosphere with absolute ease whilst also allowing her to take you on this emotional journey with the lyrical tale she is weaving. Vocally I cannot praise Damaszko enough, her voice has a luscious tone to it that allows every note she sings to have this celestial quality along the laidback style she delivers that is reminiscent of Jhene Aiko.

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