Hamilton has already become an international hit to the point where the majority of people are able to rap along to My Shot with absolute ease. Now though Hamilton has produced a love story in the form of Candace Quarrels and Brittany Campbell who’ve come together to form the R&B folk duo Mermaid who both intend to add a little bit of magic into their listeners day.

“We met while starring in the Chicago production of Hamilton,” the duo explain how they originally met. “We became best friends…fell in love with each other secretly. We wrote this song before we admitted anything to each other… oh, we were also shrooming.”

Their debut demo Find Me is a celestial piece of beauty to behold. Their voices blend effortlessly together to produce ethereal harmonies that have an enchanting quality about them that makes listening to their music a spellbinding experience. The production has a certain charm about it as well with the guitar containing a beautiful melody and the slight crackling in the background adding more character and intimacy to the piece. Add in some poignantly poetic lyrics and you’ve got something special.

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