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Nicole Kiki Jaffe’s music video for “Stay” shows how although people may be close they may never see eye to eye


A few months ago Nicole Kiki Jaffe released her debut single Stay, a track that reminiscent of The Cranberries with her uniquely ethereal vocal and her rather enthralling alternative rock sound. It was an announcement that she was going to make her mark on the music scene and today she’s just dropped the music video for that single and I must say it is a thing of beauty.

The video examines hows two people can be in the same place at the same time almost every day and yet they will never see eye to eye. This is done expertly through the two dancers who both consistently share intimate moments with one another and yet they never look each other in the eye, almost like a metaphor for even though people may seem inseparable from another, in reality they’re actually drifting apart without them even realising it. A compelling and surreal video that is well worth a watch.

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