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Smile with jubilance through Good Morning Bedlam’s uplifting single “The Haunting”


A lot of the time folk music can leave you emotionally reeling with the soft and tender stories they deliver managing to hit home for a lot of people. Then, from time to time, you get artists like Good Morning Bedlam who come out with a laidback yet utterly jubilant piece that will have you smiling from ear to ear after listening to the happy-go-lucky melodies for just a few seconds.

The Haunting, ironic name for such a jolly track, features a minimalistic production with catchy guitar riffs with a bluegrass twang, laidback drum beats that have an indie pop feeling about them and a charming string section that brings it all together. One of the highlights for me though is that chorus, after a couple of listens it’s hard not to sing along to that enticing melody that they’ve crafted. If you’re a fan of the likes of Jason Mraz and The Head And The Heart then this is definitely a band you need to get into.

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