The runners high is something I’ve experienced quite often, going out for a run can serve as a brilliant distraction from the world and a good way to get rid of some stress and anxiety. It’s probably why I find myself relating more to Maude Latour’s refreshing cosmic pop sound in her latest single Ride My Bike more so that I have with a lot of other songs out there right now.

“’Ride My Bike’ is based off of a day that I was buzzing with stress and anxiety,” Maude Latour explains how this song all began. “I left my phone at home and ran away, hopping on a Citi Bike and riding with full force through Central Park and all across Manhattan. When I finally got home, my parents were furious, claiming that they had called all my friends and were worried sick. I’ve become a bit more considerate about my bike rides, but they remain one of my most sacred activities. When I bike, I feel truly alive. Spinning up and down the hills of Central Park and weaving down the avenues through Manhattan (which is dangerous! I don’t condone – please wear a helmet!) are the moments that bring me sanity. This song captures the sacredness of the freedom that comes from hitting a runner’s high. Please remember to go outside and break a sweat– it’ll remind you that you are so incredibly alive and breathing.”

Production wise this song understands the euphoria one feels when getting that runners high with the house influenced beats offering that personal adrenaline you feel during it as the Latour’s voice soars over the buoyancy of them. The lyricisms are expertly written too, both representing the joys of letting your mind take a break and the stress you feel beforehand, “My mind’s on fire so I ride my bike / I’m riding harder than a hurricane.” Overall this a superb piece of pop that is filled with addictive melodies, an intoxicatingly contagious energy, eutrophic vocals and a message that I believe we can all get behind.

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