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If you can captivate an audience with just a guitar and your voice then you know you’re doing something incredibly right and that’s definitely what’s been happening with the indie folk collective The Good Graces. In their latest track, Snow Angels, their front woman Kim Ware places her heart on her sleeve and delivers an emotionally enthralling story that will have you reaching for the tissues in no time.

Lyrically the track is pure poetry with the vocals of Ware taking you on a poignant journey from start to finish with the intimate production, featuring a soft guitar melody and melancholy strings, making it feel like you’re sat in her living room where she’s telling you this story. There’s also this influence of old country stars within their storytelling with the way Ware paints an image in your head of the unfolding narrative being reminiscent of the late and great Johnny Cash.

However the ending of this track is part that gets me. You just feel every piece of emotion coming out of Ware’s voice and the slightly grander production behind it makes it the perfect end to this piece. A beautifully touching and captivating piece of music.

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