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I discovered Claud earlier this year through her single Easy and ever since then I’ve been an avid fan of there’s, even more so since they released one of the pride songs out there in Wish You Were Gay. Today however they’ve dropped a new single called Miss You, which she wrote after moving to a new city where she felt isolated and alone.

“I was so emo when I wrote Miss You. I made the song last year when I was in the midst of learning that moving to a new city is really hard and breakups are even harder,” Claud explains. “Everything was changing in my life and there were so many people that I just wanted to call and say ‘fuck, I miss you.’ I turned this energy into a song that feels like it’s moving really quickly passing you, just a quick moment in time of pure honesty and no poetic sugar coating.”

When you hear Claud sing there’s this instant emotional connection that makes their songs feel as if they’ve actually been written just for you. This single is perfect example of this with beautifully crafted melodies, a dreamy production that has a hint of 80’s magic to it and mesmerisingly heartbreaking lyrics to match. Claud is just one of the true stars of the bedroom pop scene and I full believe they will continue to make waves long into the future.

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