TMS - Visions EP Artwork-2.jpg

We’ve finally arrived into summer and the British duo The Modern Strangers are certainly welcoming it with open arms in their sun kissed single Visions. It’s a chilled out single with calming vocals delicately soaring over a funk pop driven production that features some lush synths and an alluring bassline to match. Along with that you’ve got the intoxicating melody that I found myself swaying along to only few seconds into the chorus, it’s hard not to get into this track in all honest.

““We wrote visions at the end of last year in London,” explains frontman of the duo Max Davenport. “It all stemmed from a rough piano riff I had recorded on my phone and it has turned into one of our favourite songs to date. It’s about an old flame who pops up at the most unexpected of times, be it in conversation or in a memory from a place you visited together.”

Next Friday this duo will be releasing their EP of the same name and if you’re still looking for the soundtrack for your summer then that might just be it. Their brand of euphoric electronic pop with send you into a rhapsody of delight in the summer sun.


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