Honest songwriting is always something to be admired and England/Australian based singer songwriter Harry Heart is a prime example of this. He wears his heart on his sleeve in every single he’s released, you just need to look at his back catalogue to prove this, but his latest brutally honest piece Montaigne might be all you need.

The title comes from the french philosopher Michel De Montaigne who inspired the whole meaning behind his latest single. “I learned a lot from Michel de Montaigne’s essays,” he explains. “The concept that really resonated with me was showing all sides of yourself, good and bad. I channelled that idea in this song, honesty’s the best policy, people are over being filtered and refined”.

The single dances the fine line between hard hitting rock anthem and emotionally driven soft rock with the production flicking between the two throughout, providing a compelling juxtaposition. It certainly has the capability of striking an emotional chord with Heart’s fanbase as well with his passionate vocal delivering emotionally evocative lyrics that will have you reaching for the tissues.


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