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Being Nottingham born myself I often find myself talking about the music that I admire from the city and Amber Run are one of the names that I often find myself speaking about. The trio manage to tap into the human soul to create music that can be both emotionally devastating like I Found and joyously uplifting like Pilot. Their music enables you to experience the full spectrum of human emotion and that’s exactly what makes their sound so spellbinding.

Today they’ve released Affection, a single that begins their journey of exploring love and the complex tornado of emotion that encompasses it. The lyrics are pure poetry that paint a picture in your mind with ever word adding a new brushstroke until you’re left with a masterpiece. Each note that is sung throughout this track feels like a freight train of emotion is hitting you with the vocal of Joe Keogh oozing heart-torn sadness and sounding almost like a cry. The atmospheric yet intimate production builds slowly throughout, enthralling you with every tender guitar melody and melancholy drum beat, and when you reach the cacophony of passion that is the end you’re left with the memories of a past loved one and a yearning for more.

It’s a spellbinding single and if you’re a fan of Amber Run then mark September 27th on your calendar as they’ve announced they’ll be releasing their third album Philophobia (meaning fear of love or of becoming emotionally connected with another person) on that date. It’s sure to be one of the albums of the year.


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