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Honestly we’ve been gushing over Augustine ever since he dropped his spectacular debut Luzon and we’ve continued to do so with his debut EP that left us completely in awe of his musical talent. Now we get to admire the beautiful cinematography and mesmerising landscapes surrounding the music video for his title track Wishful Thinking.

“‘Wishful Thinking’ is about looking back at a destructive relationship and realizing how much that person broke you down, but also still maintaining a naive hope that it all might work out one day,” Augustine explains. “The music video portrays a twisted love story where everyone falls victim to their own desire for love, with a little comical touch to it. We’re all obsessed with Wes Anderson films and found inspiration for the intro and cinematography there.”

The song itself is a spectral masterpiece that still leaves me breathless every time I hear it and the video does exactly the same. We follow a dark love story that contrasts the anthemic nature of the single beautifully, but the main attraction of this music video is the cinematography. Each shot has something so warm and inviting about it with the long winding roads, clear night skies, crystal clear water and glorious sunsets, honestly everything feels like it’s been shot during the golden hour. Add in those occasional moments where it feels like it’s being filmed on a vintage camera and you’ve got something truly special.


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