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Anti-Pop star tiLLie puts her own stamp on The Darkness classic “I Believe In A Thing Called Love”

Screen Shot 2019-07-01 at 20.11.14.png

I adore when an artist covers a song and turns it into something completely different and put their own personal stamp on the track that makes you look at the single in a whole new way. Well LA based performer tiLLie has done that with The Darkness’ classic rock track I Believe In A Thing Called Love and has transformed it into a coming of age anthem that could easily fit into any John Hughes movie.

It’s a sun kissed single with these moody guitar notes and alluring synths coming together to create a strong sense of euphoria, along with the elysian vocal soaring effortlessly over it. The best way of describing this is that it’s like someone took the sound of Robyn, the anthemic nature of David Bowie and the anti-pop aesthetic of Billie Eilish. It’s just perfect for long summer drives down the highway, seriously just lower your windows, turn the stereo up and blare this out for all to hear.


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