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Ever since I just finished watching Stranger Things season 3 I’ve been listening to nothing but 80’s inspired music and Dirty Nice’s latest single Up 2 Speed is certainly one I’m going to be listening to for the next few days. The East London duo are known for creating music that delves into what having new technologies can effect in our lives and usually it’s not that good.

“Nowadays, no-one is ‘Up 2 Speed’. The world is moving too fast for humanity to cope. We can no longer reliably predict the future, even just a few years ahead,” the duo explain the concept behind their latest single. “This song follows the story of old friends reuniting and struggling to keep up. In tandem to this, the video depicts a dystopian prison in which the prisoner, while trying to escape, is driven mad by the relentless strangeness of the world he is stuck in. Maybe the next prime minister will be that small furry demon thing – who knows? “

Production wise this song really has it all, with an infectious funk bassline, an array of 80’s inspired synths that flair to the dark atmosphere and you’ve even got a hook that gives me flashbacks to Jungle’s hit single Busy Earnin. Then you’ve got these honey drizzled vocals that dance effortlessly through the funk driven production, creating a wonderful dynamic and sound that is reminiscent of Fine Young Cannibals. Add in a video which is both compelling as it is confusing and you’ve got a bonafide bop.


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