Sydney based Artist Montaigne has one of those belting voices that makes you sit up and take notice and what do you do with a voice that does that? Write a song as a call to arms for activism for people to take notice of the issues around them and actually do something about them. Ready is certainly an anthemic single that will help inspire both new and old generations to combat against something bigger than themselves.

Montaigne explained the meaning of the rally cry track to A1234 via email, “To me the song is about this political moment, where humanity is starting to realise how actually cooked this planet is, that it never had to be like this, and that we have the power now to overthrow those who’ve forced us into this corner. It’s music that I’m proud of representing, because I think that it reflects the feelings swirling around the current political shitfest my generation is facing, and it attempts to transform the anxiety amongst those feelings into angry power. It’s like a fuel source.””

I’ll start off by saying the production of this track is absolutely superb with the pulsating beats sounding like the marching of feet in a protest and alluring piano melody. Her vocal shines throughout the track but specifically during that highflying chorus where her voice soars over the deep production that makes you feels as if you’re flying through the sky. Smart lyricisms such as the chorus of, “I think I’m ready to go / I think I’m ready,” working as both an addictive hook and a well timed mantra. We all need to leave a mark on the world and make it better than when we first arrived and Montaigne is certainly on track to do that with this single.


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