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MASTURBATION! Okay now I’ve got your attention it’s time to talk about Holander’s latest single. Party of One is a term that’s usually reserved for referring to something a bit more sad a lonely but LA based pop star in the making Holander does have a habit of turning things on their head with her brand of infectious pop. Oh and if you haven’t guessed yet it’s about masturbation.

This song is about masturbation which is funny if you know me.” Holander explains. “I’m pretty subtle in my sexuality. It’s something that I’m still exploring every day. This song is as much for mas as it is for you. We should never be afraid to love our bodies and ourselves, whatever that means to you”

As expected the track is filled with an array of shimmering synths that are reminiscent of classic video games and spunky beats (yes that was an intentional innuendo) that vibrate through your body and make you want to groove along to the infectious melody. The lyrics offers a more empowering look at the act of self love with playful tongue in cheek moments that will have you chuckling to yourself and soon singing out loud whilst getting weird looks from other commuters on the tube… yeah let’s not talk about that. Overall it’s just an addictive piece of music that takes a fun look into a usually tabu subject through clever usage of sexual innuendos. Man I love Holander.

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