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Filled with evocative emotion Lara Snow soars with her bittersweet single “Swim Far”


Back in 2016 Lara Snow release her debut single Sometimes It’s Enough, a swirling electronic pop track that grabs your attention with it’s addictive beats and the intoxicating hook. However, it’s now 2019 and, as is expected, her sound has undergone some changes as she has developed as an artist and let’s just say her latest single Swim Far is the start of something special.

“My heart was broken for a very long time,” Lara explains to us the meaning behind her latest single. “At a young age I got into a toxic relationship and it changed who I was in a way. I became a sad girl and I was trying to float in a world that was dark. “I think this is the reason why water metaphors come often in my songs, for a long time I was trying to reach out for air and felt like I was choking, fighting to keep my head above the water…at one point I decided that I’m only going to keep people in my life who make me a better person”.

The true star of this track is Snow’s alluringly delicate vocal that is filled to the brim with emotion, every note she sings feels like the you’re being hit with a freight train of emotional brilliance. This resonates further with poignant lyrics expressing her evocative feelings further over the bittersweet production that is reminiscent of Chvrches early work mixed with the flair of Grimes. Add in a warm vocal melody and a aesthetically pleasing music video carrying a melancholy message and you’ve got something special on your hands.


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