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Ruby Duff is a Leeds based artist who has one of the most distinguishable voices and sounds around, one note and you instantaneously know who it is. What makes her music more fascinating though is that it’s almost as if you’re listening to a musical where the story is performed so beautifully in front of your eyes that it creates a whole narrative on it’s own accord and Moon and Back represents this perfectly..

“I have learned that life is a piece of art,” she explains the meaning behind the single and her songwriting process. “It paints a picture that we are all the part of…a story we can all tell…a lullaby that we can all hum…Moon and Back. It’s difficult to describe my songwriting process. Rarely do I sit down to actively write a song. Most of the melodies come to me through dreams, which I then pick out on the piano before the traces disappear”

There is a celestial beauty of the track feeling like a lullaby but with more of a theatrical flair added to the mix that makes you want more. It captures that curiosity and idealism that we had when we used to listen lullabies when we were young and makes us feel calm and at peace again, almost like we were back to being young once more. The production of this track is out of this world good too with the strings flickering between a classic cinema style and a more bubbly childlike stylings but the star of the show is that piano that creates an intimate atmosphere and that final melody at the end is the perfect send off for the song. It’s refreshing to hear a song that is so unique, dynamic and spontaneous that makes me sit up and transports me away to whole new world.


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