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Around a month ago now Miynt transported us into the classic bond films with Vacation with Bond in South of France, Pt. 2, which marked her official return to the spotlight. Now the Stockholm based artist has released her follow up single called Peaches which manages to effortlessly blend psych rock and alternative pop into one beautiful piece.

“The initial idea was to make a song that basically was just drum-fills throughout the whole song but then the guitar sneaked itself into the song,” Miynt explains the songwriting process behind her latest single. “It went really fast, we probably made it in half a day and then put some synth-stuff on it a couple of days later. I was in kind of a confused state of mind when I wrote the lyrics, I wanted an answer from someone and the lyrics describes that, but in a more spaced out way.”

The track wouldn’t feel to out of place in the early 1970’s, always a good thing, with the hypnotising guitar melody and looping drum giving a lucid summery atmosphere that has me swaying gently from side to side. The lyrics dive into Miynt searching for answers she knows she may never get, which are delivered expertly through her alluring soft spoken vocals that an extra air of mystery to the atmospheric nature of the single. Add a nostalgic collage based music video to the mix and you’ve got a single that manages to make you feel warm and welcomed.


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