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Billie Marten and Sonny Santos are a collaboration made in heaven with both artists being known for having captivating vocals, tender atmospheres within their songs that manage to connect with her audience on a personal level and emotionally vulnerable lyrics that are as honest as they are poignant. In their collaborations Swear 2 G-d they bring all of that and more to leave everyone feeling like they’ve been hit with an emotional sucker punch.

Both of their voices melt into one another as they sing almost as if they’re one person with both of them telling this subtly rapturous tale that paints a picture in your mind with delicately placed lyrics and a minimalistic production. It remains intimate with only a soft guitar melody and looping percussion being used as the pairs harmonious vocals take us on a journey where we witness the love these two share with all the simple moments being turned into piece of art. It’s a gloriously tender and melancholy single that showcases both artists perfectly and makes me want a collaborative album between the pair.


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