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Love is love. No matter what your age, gender, sexuality or race is there is always going to be someone out there for you and that’s exactly what WILDES latest single is all about. With every single song she releases WILDES puts a piece of herself into the music and her latest is no exception with True Love being her most beautiful to date with it being a pure celebration of all the love around us.

“True Love is about showing someone who feels undeserving of happiness just how deserving they are, and trying to inspire wonder in them again,” explains WILDES to us in an email. “We all have a true love, no matter our gender, sexuality, or race, but sometimes we need to be reminded to cross those boundaries we set for ourselves, fall in love and claim our happiness again.”

I firmly believe that magic happens whenever WILDES sings and this track proves it. She crafts an emotional resonance that makes you feel as if she is singing this song about you and your life, the lyrics suddenly relate and the vocals end up feeling like the narration of your love life. There’s even this vulnerability coming from her celestial yet earnest vocal creating an intimate vibe that the stark production emphasises further and then you’ve got the little touches such as the atmospheric harmonies and interweaving vocal melodies that make this track a spectacular musical experience.


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