New York’s Ryan Egan has always held his heart on his sleeve in every song he has written and his latest single Miles and Miles is his most personal track to date. It dives into his own experience of moving from the big apple to France to be with somebody who he felt he was completely devoted to, as he explains below.

“I wrote the song the same week I decided I’d be moving to Paris in the fall of 2019, for anyone that’s ever moved across the world for someone they love, the lyrics will resonate as I tried to express the varying emotions it stirred up within me; excitement, doubt, wonder, and fear of leaving my home in New York.” 

The track is most certainly a build with it starting out like whisper before slowly building to a shout at the end that perfectly symbolises the lead up to this life changing decision. The quiet moment as you realise what you have to do followed by build up to the day with the excitement and nerves slowly growing until you finally reach your destination and everything seems to fall in to place. Sometimes less is more with Egan only needing a minimalistic production, his voice and heartfelt lyrics to captivate an audience and leave people listening speechless.


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