One of the most entertaining and socially aware artists around right now has to be the enigmatic, flamboyant and innovating artist Dorian Electra who with every release manages to have you grooving along to a melody, questioning subjects most artists would stay clear of and, quite honestly, smiling along to the irresistible pop melodies. They’re a modern pop star unlike any other, I mean who else would write a song about sugar daddy’s and the popularity of them in their latest single Daddy Like?

“I wanted to make a fun party track that anybody could listen to and feel like they could be a ‘daddy’. You don’t have to have tons of money, or be an attractive older man. Daddy is a state of mind,” They explain to us via an email about the song and how it all came to be. “The song came about super organically at our album writing camp after Dylan Brady played me the instrumental and I was super into it and was like ‘Oooh… daddy like!’ and then we were like ‘whoa… that should totally be the name of the song!’ So we pretty much instantly had the chorus, but in crafting the rest of the lyrics with Mood Killer and Bonnie, we wanted to be really careful to maintain a positive, feel-good message and actually take into account the realities and complexities of sugar daddy relationships in a way that was respectful, fun, and empowering. So many people in the queer art and music world do or have done sex work in order to support themselves financially and fund their work (myself and other collaborators included) and yet there is still such a stigma against it. Especially in a culture where the aesthetics of stripper fashion, BDSM are co-opted and commercialized, I think it’s important to actively try to de-stigmatize sex work in whatever ways we can.”

Throughout the single Dorian’s tongue is placed firmly in their cheek with satirical lyrics laced throughout along with a dark sense of humour, which is really expressed through the production with the whip sound effect, love it. This song, although it pokes fun, is also celebrating the daddy state of mind in a fun, buoyant and emphatic that makes you want to groove along to the melody and get down to the beat. Daddy did good.


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