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If you’re looking for a thunderous piece of music that sends waves of pulsating guitars and heavy drum beats through your body then you’re definitely gonna want to hear Samsaruh’s latest single. The 19 year old Melbourne artist has brought classic rock flair of Mick Jagger in the modern age with her effortlessly cool and anthemic single Powerlines.

One of the highlights of this track has to be her vocal that has the presence of Florence Welch’s vocal where when you hear it, even for a second, you stop whatever you’re doing and you take notice. The production is erratic and whips you up into a frenzy with the throbbing vibrating through your body, almost like electricity. Lyrically this is a smart play on words with the song focusing on the allure of power and the effects it has on everyone, “Oh baby you love your control and I love my powerlines,” kind of perfect for the climate in the UK with Trump visiting. Whether it be a protest anthem or a song to head bang to, Samaruh has given us a track that’ll keep us going for days to come.


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