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Sister duo LIANA offer electronic music with an oriental twist in “Hurricane”

Screen Shot 2019-06-04 at 07.22.39.png

A family that creates music together stays together and that seems to be the case with the sister duo LIANA’s unique brand of electronic music. Because of their oriental influences,  specifically Armenia and Turkey, these girls manage to add an extra bit of flair and ingenuity to their music that makes their sound completely different to any other artist out there right now.

Today they’ve release their latest single Hurricane, off of their upcoming EP, where they invite us into a mysterious world that you’ll never want to leave. The breathy vocals of the girls mixed with the luscious production creates this world of intrigue and fascination that encapsulates everything their music is, you want to find out more about their sound and each time you listen to a song of their’s there is something new that you didn’t notice before. Then you have the story of the track being about rebirth with the Turkish lyric, “Ve o an anladım ki herşey mümkünmüş,” translating to ‘And in that moment I realised everything was possible’ being the perfect representation of this track and their music as a whole.



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