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Wherever you’re “Heading” on your journey, Ann King encourages all to always believe and grow


Inspirational pop anthems have a habit of falling flat with me, I always feel they never really nail home the message the song is trying to portray. However occasionally there are songs like Ann King’s single Heading that hits all the sweet spots and has a truly emotional story behind it that makes me sit up, listen and fully appreciate the music that I have been listening to.

The track has real story behind it with it being with King through heartbreak, love, tears, happiness and the whole spectrum of human emotion with it being about following your dreams and believing in yourself even when you don’t know where those dreams are taking you anymore. The production that has a more somber feel before the explosive chorus that makes you really feel that passion from King’s voice, you can tell how much this song means to her. Lyrically this is exactly what a song like this should be, it focuses on the lows but how they’ve made her stronger and how no matter what happens she is going to fight and fight until she finally reaches where she is heading. I’d put this on a pedestal of great inspirational pop anthems that takes you on her journey and inspires you to continue your own.


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