Illicit Ghost - Album cover, Precious - Photo by Kevin W. Condon.jpg

Illicit Ghost is known for craft dark pieces of pop that focus on relatable subjects, be it being an introvert at a party, processing pain life undoubtably throws at you or, in this case, feeling trapped or overprotected and just want to reclaim your power. If that sounds like something you’d be into then it’s time you listened to her latest cinematic dark pop piece Precious.

One of the highlights of this single is her emotive vocal that oozes passion and every lyric that comes out of her mouth hits you like an emotional freight train with the haunting production providing the perfect back drop. It’s the little details within this single that make this song come to life such as the jolting violin and little vocal harmonies featured towards the end that craft a more ominous and personal atmosphere. It’s sort of like combining the passionate vocal of Lorde with the production of Lana Del Rey and the lyrics of Simon & Garfunkel, a weird combination but damn does it sound good.


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