The tales that come from our adolescence are often the stories that stick with us throughout the entirety of our life. They help shape who we are, make us who we are today and often have us reminiscing the mistakes we made along the way with nothing but fond memories. Jane Holiday’s latest single My Love, Bye Love is a reflection of this time told through a disco influenced dance track.

“My Love, Bye Love was written while I was living in New York with my girlfriend. It was one of the earlier times in our lives that we had full freedom and independence… and we fully took advantage of that opportunity,” he explains how this song came to fruition to us via email. “We were running up and down manhattan, she was studying, I was writing loads of songs, we were kind of just exploring ourselves, each other, exploring a new city, and figuring out what it’s like to find yourself as an adult. On the way you pick up some habits, you lose some, and you learn to deal with what other people think of your choices. Really at the end of the day, fuck em’, but there is a lasting impact on your decisions. But this song is kind of a reflection on that time of my life. A coming of age love story…”

The production surrounding this track is simply sublime with an infectious melody being ever present along with a slick bass line and guitar plucking pattern that gets your foot tapping and body swaying to the groove in no time. The chorus is filled with endless joy and high amounts of energy that bring this track to life in an explosion of pure euphoria, there’s even a retro disco rock feel to it that has me thinking back to the likes of Wild Cherry, especially within the electric atmosphere that comes from Holiday’s vocal.

Filled with ecstasy and an infectious melody Jane Holiday’s coming of age tale My Love, Bye Love is a track that is made for the ages. Whether it’s dancing with joy or going for a nice trip down memory lane this track is made for you.


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