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Back in 2018 I got the pleasure of going to a Sofar Sounds event where I got to see the wonderful sister trio Germein, taking time off of their tour with Little Mix, perform in an intimate setting and be one of the true stand outs of the night. Their charming vocals and showmanship was simple extraordinary and since then I’ve been avidly following their music and their latest single Little Part of Me is the perfect way to get introduced to their dreamy folk pop sound.

The track contains this high level of emotion that comes from the emotionally enthralling and relatable lyrics such as, “Last thing you said was I hope it all works out for you in the end / And it hurts in my chest every time I stop to think about it / Say it’s over but the part of me that wants to let go… won’t let you go,” being ever present throughout the track. Then you’ve got the tender yet passionate vocals that perfectly connect with the soul-stirring nature of the song and when you combine that with the stripped back production it really creates a euphony of pure beauty. Add an simple but effective musical to the mix and you’ve got a real gem.

With a captivating sound and the ability to write poignant pieces of music Germein really are a one in a million band, just listen to Little Part of Me as evidence. They’re Australia’s best kept secret without a doubt.


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