The word revolutionary, innovative and game changing is thrown around a lot in the music world with it rarely actually being the case. However as I feel these terms should be used for musicians like The Silver Lake Chorus who take traditional choir music and bring it into the modern era and, in turn, hopefully get more people into the enchanting majesty of the genre.

As Tabu starts you’re greet by a chorus of beautiful harmonies that create this wonderfully uplifting atmosphere and the vocal layering also helps create the majority of the backing track with the occasional drum beat and guitar melody being thrown into the mix. This chorus have managed to create a unique sound whilst also keeping with the tradition of choral harmonies, they’ve managed innovate a sound that no one else has tried before and that’s what makes them so exciting. There’s something so unique about this sound that has this enchanting charm to it that makes the music so inviting and mesmerising to listen to.

No one has done what The Silver Lake Chorus have done in Tabu, they’ve crafted an intricate and melodic track that takes choir into the new age. If you want to hear something that you’ve never heard before then listen to this group.


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