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Inspiration for an artists music can come from anywhere. Sometimes it’ll be from personal experiences, stories you’ve been told or, in SHELLS latest single, from Stevie Nicks and a little book called Women Who Run With Wolves. This inspiration all came together to create the celestial piano led ballad Mexico.

Speaking about all of this inspired her single, SHELLS said, “I was reading the book ‘Women Who Run With The Wolves,’ the day writer/producer James Earp and I wrote Mexico. I had just read the chapter about ‘La Loba’, a wild, wolf-woman who practiced magic in the deserts and mountains of Northern Mexico. The previous week, writer/producer Paul O’Duffy had shown me a backstage video of Stevie Nicks singing ‘Wild Heart’ whilst having her make-up done. “Don’t blame it on me, blame it on my wild heart,” she sang. ‘Mexico’ was inspired by La Loba, Stevie Nicks, and fundamentally, the hearts desire to love freely, and to be liberated.” 

It’s a very minimalist track with a tender piano melody leading the majority of the track before some underlying strings are added to the mix along with some evocative vocal harmonies and elusive synths. The unique and ethereal tone of SHELLS voice is simple spellbinding with her voice weaving a tale of pure beauty that has you envisioning these mountains in Mexico with an enchantress upon them. There is just something so magical about this track that it’s hard not to be captivated by its beauty.


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