I’ve often seen people who go through rough break ups and it’s one of the most horrible things to see, however at the same time, once the heartbreak is over they all of sudden become these incredibly empowering people and I think Holander’s latest single is a perfect representation of that. It’s taking the clinginess of the relationship and throwing it in their face with large amounts of sass and comedy.

Boy Tears is a shimmering pop anthem in the making with a glitch like production filled with buoyant synths and spunky beats that are ridiculously infectious and will have your foot tapping and head bopping along to melody in no time. Then you’ve got the lyrics that honest, relatable and have a really sense of humour to them, specifically during the speaking parts of the track with, “Hello, you’re where / My driveway, dude it’s like 3AM / Maybe lay off the John Hughs movies / Go you didn’t bring a boombox,” making me laugh so hard my sides hurt. Add the intoxicating melody that crawls into your head with ease into the equation and you’ve got a pop gem here.


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