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Snow Ghosts release the sinister yet gorgeous single “Ribcage”

Screen Shot 2019-04-24 at 20.38.50.png

On May 3rd Snow Ghosts are going to be releasing their highly anticipated album A Quiet Ritual that, right now, looks set to be one of the most hauntingly beautiful albums of 2019. The band have previously released two singles from the album with both Rip and Heavy Heart being ominous pieces of music exploring the album’s theme of death and their latest single Ribcage is no exception to this.

The track starts of with an enchanting vocals soaring high with a wintry orchestral string section playing underneath before more forbidding drums come in that come together to create a sinister yet gorgeous atmosphere. There is something really other worldly about this track though, it just transports you away to a new world when you’re just watching from afar as an ancient ceremony takes place to honour the fallen.

A Quiet Ritual looks more and more like one of the albums of the year and Snow Ghosts latest single Ribcage is further proof of this. If you need more convincing to buy this album then here is what the band has to say about it, “A Quiet Ritual maps out stages of the grieving process and how every individual deals with it in their own unique way. Most importantly how they handle their own heart and the other fragile hearts inevitably scattered around them.”



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