I think we’ve all experienced a crush in high school where the person we have feelings for just doesn’t notice us, they look straight through you and have no real clue of your existence. Well London born Sydney based musical Dom Youdan has put those feelings into a song with Is Your Lover Still Cool being able to strike a chord with many music lovers across the globe.

Speaking to us in an email, Youdan said, “I was an outrageous geek growing up, Is Your Lover Still Cool speaks to that; of not fitting in and feeling something for someone who doesn’t really see you. This song’s as much about gaining perspective as it is falling in love.”

Lyrically the song really does hit the nail on the head in regards to the feelings of inadequacy, jealously and even the moments of loneliness which are all perfectly expressed through this lyric, “Honestly, I thought that his jokes were just the worst / But he goes out with you, I stay in with Fred Durst.” The wonderful vocal of Youdan really is a highlight of this song with it having this boyhood charm to it as well as a sense of yearning that makes you really feel for his unreturned love throughout the track.

Merge all that with a lo-fi music video that Youdan describes as, “dripping with nostalgia. We shot it in this karting and laser tag arena, and they let us run wild. The goal was to take this typical retro moment in your childhood and turn it into a dynamic cinematic landscape,” and you’ve got a beautiful piece of music.

Go down the memory lane of your past crushes with Dom Youdan’s latest single Is Your Lover Still Cool as your soundtrack. A wonderful, personal and honest piece about something we’ve all gone through.


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