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When artists create stunning music videos to go a long with their outstanding music you often wonder what the inspiration behind the video was. Well in BISHAT’s latest music video for her R&B anthem ctrl+m she finds you inspiration in the form of classic 19th century art, which soon becomes evident in the beautifully shot and aesthetically pleasing video.

Speaking to us in an email about her music video BISHAT said, “We started by looking at all these 19th century paintings with a central theme of love, tension and the complexities of relationships. I wanted to capture the feel of those paintings and tell the story of the song while reenacting them in this very cinematic and dreamy way.”

The dramatic nature of the track works perfectly with the cinematic video, that feels like it could be from a Vogue shoot, to create this harmonious dynamic that makes everything feel perfect. The luscious melodies and honest lyrics of the track help you build your own portrait of what BISHAT is as an artist and honestly, we believe we’ve gotten a true work of art.

A strikingly beautiful video mixed with the tantalisingly good track ctrl+m and you’ve got a match made in heaven from BISHAT. One of the best music videos you’re going to see this year.


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