If you’re looking for an song that’s title explains the song so perfectly it’s scary then look no further than Model Child’s latest trash pop hit My Queer Teenage Anthem. The track focuses on the stupid things you do when you’re in your adolescence, be it getting drunk in the middle of an empty field, disobeying parents without them realising or partying until the sun comes up. It’s nice reminisce, isn’t it?

This track is perfect for bringing a dead party back to life with it’s intoxicatingly good drums and synths, you can just imagine a smoke filled room with everyone throwing their drinks in the air as the lights begin to go wild. It’s a cacophony of madness that perfectly represents the traditional night out, the highs, the lows, the crazy stories that happen and the heat that comes out of that dance room.

My Queer Teenage Anthem by Model Child represents the pandemonium of partying during your youth effortlessly. Definitely one to be added to your dance anthem playlist!


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