When you’re in a relationship with someone you often share some of your most intimate moments with each other, moments that you’ll end up looking back on with fond memories. Whether it be a solemn night holding each other in comfortable silence, listening to old records you loved together or, one Loveday’s case, sharing a bath together and have it being one of the most loving and relaxed moments you’ve ever experienced.

Bathtub is a lo-fi electronic track that immediately gives you this sense of intimacy with a slight fuzziness to the production and the use of water falling in the background that feels like something out of an ASMR video, it’s really soothing. She’s got an ethereal vocal that manages to be tender and so emotive, very reminiscent of Stevie Nicks styling, that really sells the feelings she felt in the bathtub, the vulnerability, the compassion, the privacy, you feel it all. It’s something I could easily see in the soundtrack of a romantic movie where the lovers share their first moment of intimacy and everything just feels right.

With an ethereal vocal and charming production Bathtub really is a beautifully relaxing piece about an intimate moment Loveday experienced. Feel the love with this release right now.


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