When you’ve got John Feldmann (5 Seconds Of Summer, Blink 182 and Panic! At The Disco) co-writing your debut then you know you’re onto something good and that’s exactly what’s happened here with RØYLS. The three piece are no strangers the music scene though with members featuring in The Tide and Over Atlantic so it’s no surprise at how polished this debut feels.

Savages is a feel good pop song for the ages and feels like a summer anthem in the making with a hook that you’ll be singing for days to come and an unmistakably infectious melody that just gets your foot tapping. It’s the type of track you play through your speakers as you’re driving down the beach with the windows down, just enjoying the breeze in your face. The boys enthusiastic vocals mixed with the high energy of the production help create this fun vibe throughout the track that just makes you want to smile whilst listening to it.

Speaking to us the three members (Sean Killeen, Liam Ross & Drew Dirksen) had this to say to A1234 about their future releases, “We feel passionate about the music we’re creating and the sound we’ve been developing the past months. Its been exciting how natural & authentic the songs have been coming out and how great it’s been writing them together. We’re stoked to get them out into the world.”

With an infectious debut RØYLS show that they’re a band with a difference and Savages looks like a summer anthem for the future. Get this stuck in your head for week to come.


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