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I love when artists from two completely different musical worlds find common ground and collaborate together because you often get some of the most unique and mesmerising pieces of music out of it. Right now a perfect example of this with the soul musician Howard Kaye collaborating with metal core singer Sam Carter, lead singer of The Architects, and damn is this an explosively good track.

The production of Young consistently builds throughout the track and actually begins to mould around each vocalists performance with Kaye’s being a more atmospheric production but the second Carter arrives we get a more ominous production with these cacophony of synths arriving. It builds throughout until we reach this grand finale where we get a cinematic climax with both vocalists coming together to create a mesmerisingly passionate end, I also love the inclusion of Carter’s scream vocal at the end.

Speaking about the track to us in an email Kaye had this to say, “Too Young’ for me sums up the feeling of living in the present without worrying what the future holds. The lyric “Singing songs that we’re too young to remember” is something we are all guilty of!””

Howard Kaye and Sam Carter collaborating is something nobody would expect to see but damn do they make a good track in Young. An incredibly raw and honest track.


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