Jessica Morale – Hunter


Around a month and a bit ago Jessica Morale encouraged everyone to embrace uncertainty and take back your power in her thrilling track Hunter. With dark pop sensibilities that were reminiscent of Lorde and the energy of a power pop track reminiscent of Paramore she truly made her mark and now she has an equally empowering music video.

It’s a simple yet extremely effective music video with Morale taking control of her own destiny as she breaks the chains that have been holding her back before becoming the conquering queen she knows she can become. The message of track is highly important but throughout the video Morale manages to convey this perfectly with her acting ability being outstanding, especially during the water scene where you can just look into her eyes and see how defeated she feels, perfectly contrasting the confident look she gives as she sits on her throne.

Jessica Morale manages to emotionally enthral us into the striking video for Hunter and has us begging for more. An anthemic pop track for the ages.


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