Earlier this year the 22 year old Swedish artist Augustine absolutely astounded with his strikingly gorgeous debut single Luzon and instantly made an everlasting impression. It was the perfect way for him to introduce his brand of contemporary cinematic pop to world and prove himself as an extremely promising young artist. Now he’s released a follow up single called A Scent of Lily.

Speaking about the meaning of this track to us in an email Augustine had this to say, “There are those few people who makes you completely blank. The ones who divide your life into a before and an after. A Scent of Lily is about the powerlessness that can creep into such relationships, when you buy into everything that person does to the level where you stop thinking your own reasonable thoughts.”

Lyrically this track is pure poetry with Augustine managing to be so vulnerable yet completely relatable with his confusion over love being expressed perfectly through lyrics like, “Oh and how she spreads / All through my entangled mind / A Scent of Lily in my bed / Still left there from Sunday night.” Throughout his distinctive vocal shines managing to hit divine high notes across the cinematic soundscape that adds an extra kick to the track with melancholy synths really representing that powerlessness of losing yourself in a relationship that this song is all about. It’s so beautifully tragic that it just pulls at your heartstrings and has you begging for more.

A Scent of Lily is an ethereal piece of beauty and Augustine really does know how to craft music that leaves you speechless. With his debut EP set to be released later this year, it looks like we’re in for more spellbinding pieces of music.

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