As of late the music scene in Ireland has be absolutely thriving with sensational song after sensational song coming out of the country and JaXson’s latest track is no exception to this. His previous single, We Were Born, struck an emotional chord with his fans with him reflecting on our imperfections and how social media has made people even more self conscious, now in 5AM (Look What You’ve Done) he builds on that emotionally enthralling sound further.

The brooding production of the track creates an ominous atmosphere with a melancholy guitar riff leading the track mixed with the subtle inclusion of a synth beat every so often, but what I love is about all this is that the track doesn’t have big climatic moments. It has these little nuances throughout the track that create an emotional connection that just captivate you, it’s subtle but it manages to leave you breathless. JaXson’s vocal throughout the track are simply outstanding with each note he sings sending shivers down my spine, he makes me believe every single word he sings. It’s magnificent.

If you’re looking for a track to cry to in the early hours of the morning then 5AM (Look What You’ve Done) by JaXson is the track for you. Dive into the Irish mans captivating sound now.


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