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It’s been almost a year since Norway’s very own pop powerhouse Dagny released her last single. She’s already proven in the past that she is at the forefront of pop music with her anthemic single Backbeat being one of the best songs of 2016 and how she can connect effortlessly with emotional songs such as her cover of Landslide. Now she’s made her much anticipated return and she has pulled out all of the stops for this single.

With production powerhouse Steve Aoki at the helm, her latest single Hit Your Heart is a masterpiece in dance and electronic pop. The song showcase’s Dangy’s more soulful and raspy vocal with a high energy production behind it featuring an uplifting horn section that would make a club come a live in seconds as well as the organic percussion that get’s my foot tapping with ease that enhances it even further. Along with all that the hook of the track is intoxicatingly addictive with her singing, “I’m coming back to you like a bullet,” that becomes almost mesmerising after a while.

Dagny is onto something special with this Hit Your Heart. It has everything that an iconic piece of pop music should have with infectious beats, catchy choruses and an anthemic sound that really can’t be beat. She’s made a statement with this single that she is not an artist to be messed with.

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