The more music South African producer, songwriter and singer Cubbi releases the more I fall in love with his artistry and his honest lyrics. He offers this intimate look into life that other may find solitude in as he sings about issues such as him being a queer artist, mental illness and drug abuse with his latest release following that same pattern.

The first half of GTFO was written when he was consumed by a deep depression that was being fuelled by his drug and alcohol addiction and it was only when he left rehab that he was able to finish the song. This whole process has allowed this track to possess some incredibly poignant lyrics mixed with chaotic production to create a cacophony soundscape that represents the confusion he felt and the self discovery he went through.

Cubbi is one of the most exciting and interesting artists out there right now with his poetic lyricism being what sets him apart from the rest and GTFO is a prime example of this. I cannot recommend getting into his music enough because his flare for production and songwriting is second to none.


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