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Baker Grace tells us to put our own personal well being first over egotistical drama in “Numb”

Screen Shot 2019-03-05 at 20.13.45.png

With every single release Baker Grace is slowly becoming a pop force to be reckoned with in the music world. Her previous track Wrong Kind Of People was a stoke of relatable pop genius with an irresistible and beautifully shot music video to match, so it’s no real surprise that her latest track Numb is a masterpiece in pop as well.

The hook of the track is extremely infectious, it’s something that with one listen you’ll end up singing under your breath for the rest of week, or month in this case. The lyrics are very honest with them being about taking control of your own narrative with Grace saying, “It’s about putting your own well being over egotistical drama.” She enhances them further with her solemn vocal delivering them effortlessly and the buoyant production of brightly shimmering synth beats creates the perfect atmosphere.

On the 17th of May she will be releasing her Girl, I Know EP and if Numb is an example of what’s to come then Baker Grace looks set up to make a sure fire hit EP.

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