With robust vocals with a bit of grit to them, honest lyrics and high levels of sass, Florida based artist Jessica Morale certainly has all the makings of an outstanding pop musician. With the dark pop sensibilities of Lorde and the power pop anthems that are reminiscent of Kelly Clarkson in her prime she’s definitely got high levels of flair in her music.

Hunter is her latest single and has this theatricality about it in the verses with Morale’s evoking so much emotion just from her pronunciation of the lyrics and the way she goes into those low notes is something to be admired. The chorus is where we see her piercing robust vocals come into play though with her adding this glorious growl in certain areas that has a distinct presence that makes you sit up and take notice. The production has a cinematic quality to it as well with climatic synths being featured throughout the track along with a riveting percussion section that builds on the dark elements of this pop track.

“Too often we find ourselves living subservient to please others in the need for acceptance. We put our souls upon a shelf and hide it away, neglecting ourselves in the process,” she tells us in an email. “Hunter is about taking back your power and embracing uncertainty. It’s about not giving a damn about what others throw at you and releasing toxic relationships that no longer serve you. It’s refusing to give in and rising from the ashes. It’s learning to love yourself wholly in the most badass way. I’m still learning.”

If you’re looking for an anthemic pop track that wouldn’t feel too out of place as a Eurovision winner then look no further than Jessica Morale latest bop Hunter.

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