I don’t think anyone in the world can deny that RnB is definitely the music of love. No other genre manages to express so many different notions of love so effortlessly. From the tender moments together all the way to the hot and steamy moments in the bedroom, no other genre can do what RnB can with love. So it makes sense that Colorado based artist Kayla Rae has released a beautifully crafted loving track this Valentines Day.

Remind Me puts Rae’s vocals on full display with her lusciously smooth tone masterfully singing the lustful lyrics over the top of a shimmering production from Cal-i that has me thinking back to classic 90’s RnB slow jams. There’s something quite classic about the track with Rae’s vocals giving me flashbacks Aaliyah along with the retro production but it has this modern appeal to it too that allows it to feel almost timeless. Then you’ve got the music video, directed by the artist herself, that is dedicated to love in all of its forms, all colors, all shapes and all sizes.

Feel the love this Valentines Day with Kayla Rae’s smooth slow jam, Remind Me, and know that no matter what colour, shape or size you are, someone out there loves you.


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