Today is Valentines Day or as I like to call it Single People Awareness Day… It’s also the day before all the heart shaped chocolates become ridiculously cheap. Days like this can often make people who’re not with a partner feel alone in the world, the charm of cheesy romcoms doesn’t exist and all you wanna do is sit down with a tub of ice cream and eat away your feelings. Well luckily Brigetta has a track that was made to soundtrack those evenings of loneliness.

With acoustic guitar leading the track and the Nashville based artist’s soft alluring vocals delicately placed over the top, Sad Songs already had the makings of a beautifully sad track from the first few seconds, however it doesn’t focus entirely on the sad elements. Whilst the lyrics focus on the lonely elements of not being in love, “I’m picking up roses I cut on my own,” but the happy production adds this joyous element to create a unique juxtaposition that rarely comes from songs of this nature. Add in some comforting melodies, a hushed delivery and a millennial hook of ‘La Da’s’ and you’ve got a track that is perfectly released on Valentines Day.

Brigetta is one of the most talented artists to come out of Nashville’s pop scene, you just have to listen to Sad Songs to understand this, and with every release we become more excited by what she is going to do next.

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